fbb Colors Femina Miss India East 2017 Kolkata Crowning

I was invited as a guest blogger to the fbb Colors Femina Miss India East 2017. It was an amazing event with lots of entertainment, food along with talented beauties! Initially it was like- and then the event started with host Sachin Kumbhar's entry in a Bengali styled attire.   And then the glamorous entry [...]

The March Edition of MyEnvyBox

I was sent the March edition of luxury beauty box by MyEnvyBox. I am going to review the package here and for starting I would say I am really impressed. The box came inside a cardboard packaging which made sure the contents inside are untouched and safe. The main box is extremely beautiful and carries [...]

Artificial Peacock Feather Earrings

I strongly demoralise the use of animal products which are made out of harm and hurtful methods towards nature! So I made these pair of earrings just to keep a proof of my affinity towards nature. I just bought two artificial feathers, painted them into colours found on a peacock and fixed them up to [...]

MyNykaa Beauty Bar at Kolkata

I was invited for the my nykaa beauty bar event at Kolkata where they inaugurated the idea of the first Nykaa store in Kolkata. It was an amazing event. Starting from the makeover stalls to the different discussions over beauty products; everything was interesting enough. And this was my outfit for the event: Shopped from [...]

The Bhaidooj/Behndooj look

For the Indian occasion of Bhaidooj (Bhaphota for Bengalis) I chose to be traditional yet sassy. Let me share some of my moments with you all! I made this sleeveless ethnic jacket from 'Chanderi' material originally from Chanderi town, Madhya Pradesh India. This material is really into fashion right now so I tried a little [...]


The Achromatics. Is the term known to you? Achromatic means literally β€œwithout color"; an achromatic color is one that lacks hue. -(white, grey and black) So you see, an achromatic shoot consist of colours only of these aura. I tried to conduct a photo shoot with restricted colours; only black & white. These colours have [...]